“Plastivan's mission is to upgrade PVC building products, by using different techniques, to sustainable and maintenance friendly premium finishing materials with a natural look and with a focus on outdoor applications.”

Plastivan is a leading manufacturer in the extrusion of plastic building profiles (PVC and WPC) with production facilities in Belgium (Oostrozebeke, Ingelmunster and Pittem)and sales offices in UK, France and Poland.


The main brands are Art-Panel® (PVC wall and ceiling panels). Duofuse® (WPC garden range). Durasid® (PVC wall cladding). Beltecto® (PVC roofline system).


  • 2023Acquisition by Fedrus International & Introduction printed pvc fencing system

  • 2021Introduction aluminium fencing system

  • 2020Digital printing line for cladding systems

  • 2015In-house production pvc compounds

  • 2013In-house production wpc compounds

  • 2006Introduction wood composite

  • 2001New warehouse in Poland

  • 1997Plastivan Plastics NV (plant Ingelmunster)

  • 1994Plastivan Ltd (United Kingdom)

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  • 1993Plastivan Sp. Zo.o (Poland)

  • 1991Acquisition Extrumat NV (Pittem)

  • 1972Move and expansion (Oostrozebeke)

  • 1966Establishment of the company Plastivan NV (Wielsbeke)