Our sustainable investing philosophy is anchored on the belief that there is a spectrum of approaches to utilize material environmental, social and governance (ESG) information and criteria to deliver strong returns for clients.

We are committed to ESG-informed investment decision making and we seek to leverage our influence to drive better investment performance alongside improved sustainability practices and outcomes through thoughtful, value-added investor engagement.”

Go for sustainable impact

Integrating ‘go for sustainable impact’ into our corporate strategy is a logical choice for us, as we are convinced that sustainable business is good business. Fedrus believes that high standards of social and environmental behavior are essential in doing business. To demonstrate Fedrus’ commitment to being a responsible corporate group, we are a proud member of the UN Global Compact.

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Our contribution to a greener world

Sustainable building materials that last for generations
As a group in the construction industry, our roofing and façade materials are among the most sustainable building materials on the market to make homes and buildings fit for the future.
  • Because of their ecological advantages and synergy with other natural materials such as wood, our building materials are the first choice in renovation projects and thus help the transition to more sustainable living.
  • With an extremely long-life expectancy, the products contribute to a better future.
  • Moreover, zinc and PVC are 100% recyclable.
    Continuing to build towards climate-neutral production and distribution
    We are committed to national, international and European climate goals. Our action plan focuses among others on:
    • Further optimization of the use of water, energy and raw materials
    • Increasing the share of renewable energy
    • Circular use of basic raw materials such as zinc, in which we use recycled raw materials as much as possible and create almost no residual waste in our production processes
    • Clustering of the distribution network at strategic locations in high-tech buildings
    • More efficient and greener logistics: 1 stock, 1 order, 1 delivery via greener transport
    • Reduction of the environmental footprint: we have reduced the CO2 emissions of the French production sites of VM Building Solutions by more than 10% in recent years with limited efforts and resources; we will move up a gear in the coming years with the aim of becoming CO2 neutral by 2050; an ambitious plan is being drawn up to that end with the intermediate objective of halving CO2 emissions by 2035
    Ensuring an optimal life cycle of our products at every link in the chain
    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That is why we are putting our weight behind making every link in the process as sustainable as possible.
    • Encouraging all partners within the value chain – from our own staff to suppliers and recycling partners – to pursue responsible raw material and energy policies for an optimal life cycle of our products
    • Guaranteeing the extended life span of our products by training craftsmen and -women to use and install our products properly
    Our social responsible behaviour
    Fedrus’ socially responsible engagement has already materialised in 3 main initiatives:
    • Sponsorship of BROEI in Ghent. BROEI is a physical platform and social network that provides a space for young people aged 16 to 30 to do, think and experiment. Organisations, collectives and individuals working with young people are all welcome to inspire and facilitate young people's creativity and skills development.
    • Fedrus Forest contributes to a more sustainable world: Fedrus employees planted 1,600 trees (about 1ha) on 1 December 2022, one for each employee. 1 hectare of forest in Europe can offset about 12 Tonnes of CO2. Besides CO2 offsetting, a new forest is valuable for a range of United Nations sustainable development goals, not only directly (such as Climate Action and Living on Land), but also indirectly (Good Health & Wellbeing).
    • Partner of the United Nations Global Compact
    In line with our ambition to fully integrate sustainability into our corporate DNA, Fedrus has joined the UN Global Compact since December 2022. To meet our customers' expectations for high-quality sustainable products, we rely on service and manufacturing partners from around the world. We urged our suppliers to commit to the UN Global Compact, as we all share a collective ambition to accelerate and scale global impact of business.

    “Fedrus is committed to optimise the use of resources in its products and industrial processes, reducing its impact on the environment, and strengthening its environmental management system to contribute to a better environment for the future.”



    ESG reporting hand in hand with our ESG strategy

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