Fedrus Holding

Fedrus International nv is a Belgium based family-owned holding company. Incorporated in 2002, Fedrus International’s goal is to assist its business units in growing and creating value both individually and as a group.

Today, the Fedrus group is 100% owned by the Vandecruys-Steenbrugghe family. The group's values and the signature culture and passion of a family business are keenly felt at work, every day.

Leadership & entrepreneurship

The management of the group is in the hands of Mark Vandecruys, CEO – Steven Geirnaert, CFO and Peter Vandendriessche, COO.

The Fedrus holding team provides guidance to the Business Units on mission & strategy, reporting, compliance, and culture.

“With this additional investment to become the sole shareholder, the Vandecruys family expressed its confidence in Fedrus International nv and its willingness for a long-term commitment to the group.”

Mark Vandecruys, Chairman

Job offers

As we grow and expand, we need to attract and nurture the finest talent.

Look for positions that are currently open within the group.

Lysias BV Investors


In July 2022 the Vandecruys-Steenbrugghe family offered the Fedrus staff, and a limited number of external investors, to support the future growth of the group by investing via Lysias BV.

They support Fedrus' ambition to:

  • Tapping into new markets
  • Offering new products and services
  • Increasing our focus on training and technical support
  • Building sustainable growth together with our partners

On the Lysias BV investor portal, they are regularly and transparently informed about the performance of Lysias BV and the Fedrus Group.