VM Building Solutions

VM Building Solutions, the best partner for the roof and façade professional. With respectively 185 and 40 years of experience in zinc and EPDM applications, we are considered as the reference in the European market and beyond.





Annual sales

on average 80,000 tons of zinc & 4 million m² of waterproofing membranes

World leader in the production of zinc

VM Building Solutions is a world leader in the production of rolled zinc for the building industry, in terms of volume and in technical expertise. Under the VMZINC©  brand name, VM Building Solutions manufactures all-in-one zinc solutions for the building industry, from roofing, façade and rainwater systems to accessories and high-quality decoration. The zinc products are manufactured in six specialized production sites located in France, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia.


Distribution of zinc,EPDM and copper to specialised distributors

VM Building Solutions operates in 22 countries with the distribution of zinc for roof and façade applications to specialised distributors. VM Building Solutions also supplies selected distributors with EPDM roofing and facade materials, mainly in the Benelux and France. Annually, 4,000,000m² of EPDM membranes are sold, which translates into a total of more than 100,000m² of waterproof roofs and facades.

Nordic Copper is the product range for architectural applications, such as facades roofs and interiors, made by Aurubis and is exclusively available from VM Building Solutions.

Training and technical support

VM Building Solutions' success is based on two clear principles: high quality products and the necessary training for flawless installation. Since quality and installation are crucial for longevity, the production, distribution and sale of roof and façade materials go hand in hand with product demonstrations, training and technical support.

VM Building Solutions history

In 2019 VM Building Solutions was born from a merger between VM ZINC and IRS & BTECH. Both companies have their own history that has lead to the leader in Zinc production we are today. 

  • 2017VMZINC joins the group

  • 2011Merger I.R.S. & BTECH

  • 2002Incorporation of BTECH

  • 1993Incorporation of I.R.S.

  • 1982Incorporation of Rubitec

  • 1978First preweathered zinc

  • 1837Incorporation of the "SA des mines et fonderies de la Vieille Montagne"

  • 1837Incorporation of the "SA des mines et fonderies de la Vieille Montagne"

  • 1805Concession of the mine "Vieille Montagne"