“At Fedrus International the long-term sustainable development of each of its Business Units and partnerships is the core focus, thereby valuing the expertise and know-how of each entity, and enabling them to become the best partner for their customer.

Our mission, values and commitments

Shared values help us to shape our company culture, set our objectives and ensure that all business units in the group work with the same mission in mind of being the best partner for the customer. Our six values serve as a compass for every employee in the entire Fedrus group and as a framework for every decision we make.

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Fedrus International nv is an active, engaging, communicating and transparent holding company stewarding its business units and safeguarding the assets and interests of its shareholders.​

Good Governance is a shared responsibility at Fedrus International. The ESG requirement of good governance aims at extending “what we do”, to include “how we do it”. And therefore, we have included the following topics in our code of conduct: 

Social policies
Governance policies
Communicate on environmental commitments and impact
Social engagement
Community engagement
Compliance with all applicable legislation